Monday, May 4, 2009

Nuts Rumored to Scratch Tim Dionne for Championship Games !

A reliable source informed the Hockey News that Nuts leading scorer, Tim Dionne, will be a healthy scratch for the Championship games Tuesday and Wednesday night. This is an unbelievable move by the Nuts hockey organization. Dionne has been a great on ice coach and point getter all season. What is going on? The pressure is mounting in what looks to be unstable times for the Nuts hockey club at the wrong time of the season.

Tim Dionne played 8 games through the 08/09 season. He had only 2 penalty minutes, scored 4 goals, 7 helpers and lead all the Nuts with 11 points. The team is clearly going Nuts!

image: Tim is pictured far left. Tim is assistant coach for Durango's High Country Hell Cats.

Playoff Game #3 Slayers vs Ranch

Slayers battle back after giving up the first goal to El Rancho Sunday night to win the game 4-1. The Ranch played hard, but the Slayers D controlled the pace, allowing the forwards to get pucks on Parker. Dale had a wicked strong game between the pipes. Game MVP goes to Drew F-ing Barber with the equalizer and game winner.

Congrats to the Ranch who earned a chance at the Slayers by snuffing out Fire and Ice earlier in the week. So sweet! Way to go guys, thanks for the great battle.

As we told the Cryoneers-see you Tuesday and Wednesday for the Championship games.

Rink Rumors: The Nuts will show on Tuesday to play...or will they?

Slayers Rumors: Driver had his mouth washed out with a bar of soap after the game. Why? Curse words of course. All Slayers have taken an oath they will only take "good" penalties, no dumb ones. An empty sin bin the rest of the way for the Slayers.

Playoff Game #2 Slayers vs Nuts

Slayers controled the play, but allowed the sweaty Nuts to slip one past the goalie in the dying seconds of the game. Slayers loss 3-2 to the Cryoneers. As end-of-the-game handshakes commenced, each Nuts player was told, with conviction, they would see the Slayers again Tuesday and Wednesday for the Championship games. The Slayers play the Ranch next (see next post for outcome).

Rink Rumor: If the Slayers beat the Ranch to move on to the Championship games, players for the Nuts have stated the team will forfeit the game. Can Mackay and Altree keep the team from imploding? Will the Nuts book tee times Tuesday night instead of playing hockey? Will Justin finally catch a damn trout? We will have to see. F-N eh! Rock the bloody red!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Playoff Game #1 Slayers vs Cheapskates

Your San Juan Slayers won the Presidents trophy for the 2008/2009 season. 12 wins, 5 losses and 1 tie for 25 points, edging out Fire on Ice who ended the regular season with 24 points.

The Slayers started the playoffs against Cheapskates last Sunday night. Remember it was the Cheap who beat the Slayers last season during the "game 7" championship game. Dale earned his 3rd shutout of the season and Dan Driver was named game MVP for his big-time hustle and killer goal. The Slayers won 4-0. It was a sweet victory for sure with all the Slayers, both D and forwards clicking.

The Slayers move on to face the Nuts tonight at 6:45 at Chapman Hill. Rock the bloody red!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cartwright Turns Cuckoos Into a Pile of Boneless, Skinless Chicken Chunks

The Slayers were down 3-0 in the third period. They had their chances, but the Cuckoo's D and strong play by the goalie kept the Slayers off the score board. With about 7 minutes and some change remaining on the clock Drew-F-ing Barber found the back of the net. 'Finally!' the team was thinking as they cheered their first goal of the game. Then moments later the birds score a beautiful goal from Trevor G to Joe Peters.

Now down 4-1 and with the clock ticking, the Slayers are once again dejected. Bolton unleashed a rash of insults who was trying to fire up his dejected teammates. He even threaten the team with a level 5 demotion that stirred a bees nest in Brian's brezzers that started a wild change of events that will surely become Durango hockey legend. With only minutes remaining, the Slayers continued to battle and put an injured and angered Brian Cartwright on the ice. Emotionally fueled and fired-up Brian found the back of the net quickly with an off-angled wrister. The goal is credited to hard work in the Bird's end and Brian being in the right place.

On the very next rush Brian was carrying the puck through the crease, then tripped up by a Bird defenseman, he dives and pushes the puck past the extended skate of the Bird's goalie. The ice started to tilt. A minute later a break out pass by Cuckoos was knocked down, passed to Brian who buried it for the hat trick. Incredible! This was all done in one shift! The ice must look like a vertical wall in front of the Cuckoos goalie at this point. Then seconds later, during the same shift, Brian is chucked in the box for a hard check on Trevor G. At the face-off, the Birds call a time out to try to regroup. Then on their first rush, with the score tied 4-4, they nearly put one past Dale. Instead the puck goes wide and the Slayers break out, marching down toward the Cuckoo's goalie. However, fresh on the ice and in an odd position, Kev Kolb knocks down a Bird. As Brian exits the sin bin, Kevin is ushered in to serve his time.

Sitting in the box, Kevin can just watch as his team is a man down again with less than 12 seconds remaining. The Slayers dump the puck, Jordan grabs it and sends it around the boards, it slides to Brian who wrists his fourth goal of the game and gets the game winner. The Slayer's bench erupts. There is only 2.7 seconds remaining in the game. An incredible ending to a crazy game.

Brian did inform Blanchard that he was going to score 4 goals that night, and that was before they stepped on the ice. Who would have thunk he would have scored them the way he did. A raised glass to Brian. Cheers! What will he bring for the last game of the season and the playoffs? Stay tuned.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Slayers vs Ranch Battle to a 1-1 Tie

The Slayers gave the Ranch their first point of the season in what turned out to be a great battle. Both teams skated pretty hard, but the Ranch wanted it pretty bad. The Ranch had many great chances down low, but Dale stoned them on all but one of the opportunities. The refs did a good job in the game. (there was one Slayer goal that was called back as a no goal) Thanks Kyle and Jim, job well done.

image: TIM! Finally a shot of old, but new Slayer Tim.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ref Jim Earl blows the whistle on RedBull

RedBull $2.10, hockey skates $385.00, New ref whistle $5.25, mimicking a song bird for 3 periods of hockey...priceless

Jim's new toy

Players from both teams pleaded with Jim to put his whistle in his pocket. At least for a minute or two...please!!!!!

The Slayers and Sweaty Nuts gave-er hell last Saturday night. The Nuts played hard to a 5-2 win over the Slayers. The ice tilted more than a carny ride at the county fair for both teams. The first period was won by the Nuts, the second was won by the Slayers and the third...well, let's just say the ref(s) wanted in on the action. I'm sure the refs viewed it one way, but the Slayers and Nuts did not feel the game was chippy or cheap. As the whistle continued to sing, players from both teams would come and go from the box like it was City Market at 5:10 on a Friday evening. To say the least, both teams were stunned. It has been reported that the hinges on both doors of the sin bins were replaced shortly after the game. Revolving doors would have made it a lot easier for Jaimee as she tried in vain to keep track of PIMs in the score keepers booth. So, to make a long story longer; there was good hockey (at times), there were over 20 penalties called in the game and there was a great BBQ after the game.

As for the BBQ, a big thanks is in order to all of you that brought beer, burgers, chips and snacks. And a big high-5 to Robin for the deep fried french fried potato's! As always they were so damn tasty. The quote of the night goes to buzz-saw Brit. After a big burger, a fist full of fries and 10 shotgunned beers later, it was decided it was time to head home. So Brit gathered up his kid, a toy General Lee (it made Dukes of Hazard sounds) and his vintage garb and headed for the mini van. As it turns out his incredibly patient wife was not ready...Brit stumbles back up to the crowd yelling "I can do one more shotgun because my wife is nursing the baby, who's in? Give me a beer? Drew? Robin? Come on, one more!"

Well, there it is, another Hockey Night in "D-Town"